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Stellenbosch University Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Studies
Stellenbosch University

Postgraduate Diploma in Futures Studies

Stellenbosch, South Africa

1 Years


Full time

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Feb 2025

ZAR 109,648 / per year



Acquire strategic foresight to make long-range decisions

Our internationally accredited PGDip Futures Studies will help you understand the forces and trends that shape the future, and the nature of global change. This will enable you to manage long-term organisational strategies aimed at designing the ideal future. The programme will also equip you with high-level competencies to react meaningfully to growing complexity in the organisational environment while taking Africa and South Africa’s developmental challenges into account. This will allow you to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities.

A transformative learning experience awaits you – particularly if you see your future self as a strategist, long-range decision-maker, manager or leader. It is the only programme of its kind presented in Africa and one of only a few in the world.

What is Futures Studies?

Futures Studies are not about predicting the future, but rather about understanding how various futures will unfold. It analyses the interaction between a wide range of variables or forces and distils from these forces those issues that will affect the future of a country, government, entity or individual. It studies the world of economics, politics, technology, demography, social values and other subject fields, both locally and globally.

It equips decision-makers with ways to deal with change and to make the right decisions to survive but preferably thrive in a changing world. Futures Studies is about acquiring strategic foresight to make long-range decisions to mitigate risks and identify opportunities.

Ways in which you can make this programme work for you

  • Choose between two streams: We offer the PGDip Futures Studies with generalist modules for those involved in strategic long-term planning, and the PGDip Futures Studies stream in Managing New Technologies (MNT) for those involved in planning their organisations’ technological future.
  • Choose between two formats and duration options: The flexible design of the programme allows you to choose the format (blended learning or modular) and duration (1 year or 2 years), making it easier for you to study while you work.
  • Invest in your career path: Passed at a certain level, this PGDip can give you access to these programmes at the Business School: MPhil Futures Studies, MBA, or MPhil Leadership Coaching.

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