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Stellenbosch University Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Stellenbosch University

Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

Stellenbosch, South Africa

1 Years


Full time, Part time

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ZAR 36,535 / per year



Please note the primary focus of this engineering degree is renewable and sustainable energy technology and related studies. Students who have completed this degree will have gained excellent background knowledge and some specific expert knowledge and should find themselves well positioned to secure employment or gain admission to further studies in the very exciting and rapidly national and international developing renewable energy field.


This postgraduate diploma (Pg Dip in Engineering) is aimed at prospective students with a BTech/ Advanced Diploma in engineering or BSc degree who want to gain additional background in renewable energy with a strong emphasis on the sustainability of resources and technologies. The programme consists of 8 postgraduate modules of at least 15 credits each normally on the 700 level + Professional Communication [0 credits]. Most of the modules are presented by the Faculty of Engineering and the Centre of Sustainability Transitions at Stellenbosch University.

Prospective students should note that the modules offered to PG Dip in Engineering students will be revised every year, taking into account the fast changing context of renewable and sustainable energy, and the availability of experts in these fields.

Students may apply to the Postgraduate Committee for recognition of modules done at other departments or institutions. However, no recognition will be granted for modules done as part of another qualification. The Committee will assess whether each module is considered to be equivalent to a postgraduate module.

Part-time students must have off-campus access to the Internet and e-mail. All students have to attend classes, tests and examinations on campus.



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