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Shafston International College Certificate in General English
Shafston International College

Certificate in General English

46, Australia

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Jan 2025

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The Shafston College – General English course prepares students for the kind of English they will need in everyday situations. Class programs at Shafston College are designed to effectively develop communication skills and fluency in speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar (core skills). Our teaching styles encourage interactive language use so you will have many opportunities to practise the skills you are learning.

In the morning at Shafston College, classes intensively focus on core skills. In the afternoon, classes at Beginner to Pre-Intermediate levels focus on speaking, listening and pronunciation. Shafston College students at these levels are given extra help to improve their spoken English and comprehension quickly and effectively. Afternoon classes for Intermediate to Advanced level students consist of a range of afternoon electives which allow students to concentrate on a particular area of need. Shafston College offers only focused intensive electives, not unproductive ‘activities’, ‘self access’ or ‘videos’. We include these activities at no extra charge to students, after class in Shafston Plus program. Afternoon electives are only available at the Shafston College – Brisbane Campus.

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