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School of Sustainability

School of Sustainability

School of Sustainability


SOS - School of Sustainability - based in Milan, Italy, is a post graduate academy by Mario Cucinella focused on training emerging professionals in the field of sustainability.

SOS is open to recent graduates and industry partners to develop innovative projects with a positive impact on society, the economy, and the environment through education, practice, and research.

SOS is a creative laboratory born in close collaboration with Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA), where training is inspired by active projects and expertise in a professional practice setting.

Our mission

Provide the highest quality practice-based experience and opportunities for the next generation of professionals.

Serve as a nexus for the exchange of knowledge for the building industry, the community, and the profession.

Develop a culture of responsible and sustainable design methods, processes, and practices.

Our vision

To Design the Future

  • To advance a humanistic approach to architecture and urban design while addressing our present and future challenges
  • To advance architecture’s cultural, social, economic, and environmental impact, relevance and value
  • To define processes of transformation for a sustainable world and lead systemic change through collaboration

To Define the Future

  • Of professional education through a revolutionary model of integrated education/research/practice
  • Of practice by transforming the professional development path and changing to an open and shared culture
  • Of the profession by repositioning architects through innovative and intelligence driven strategies

To Imagine a future where

  • The intelligent investment of design positions us as global experts, leaders, and stewards of the environment;
  • The design delivers outstanding quality that is responsive and sustainable;
  • All stakeholders are involved in the initiation of the project;
  • Decisions are performance-based and value-driven;
  • All communications throughout the design and building process are clear, concise, open, transparent, and trusting;
  • Outcomes are innovative and visionary.

SOS is

  • A professional school for recent graduates and yooung professionals to build experience in a setting that integrates education, research, and practice.
  • A comprehensive program, combining principles with a practice-based approach to the design and application of the most advanced methods, processes, and tools.
  • A distinguished training setting with a focus on the application of sustainable architecture, from urban to product scale, from developing to advanced communities.

SOS works

  • By embracing global challenges at a local scale through co-design and public participation.
  • At the intersection of academic and research institutions, government, industry, professional organizations, and the public.
  • At the forefront of practice-based and use-inspired research for the built environment industry and the profession.

SOS transforms

  • Recent Graduates and Emerging Professionals into the Next Generation of Leaders.

SOS offers Value

  • SOS is founded on the collaboration, interaction, and partnering of a wide range of experts, individuals, groups, and organizations.
  • The SOS experience offers each and all unique value.


  • Milan

    Milan, Italy