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Sacred Art School

Sacred Art School

Sacred Art School


The Sacred Art School is an international school rooted in Tuscany which was founded to promote creativity in art and artistic craftsmanship, with a boundless openness to the world of the sacred.

“Forward in tradition” is the idea that characterizes us: You will learn how to design and create fully contemporary works of art, link to an artistic tradition that has twenty centuries of history.

The School, which does not adhere to any particular artistic style, is above all a workshop where students and teachers, artists and artisans meet and confront each other. As the students grow in their design and creation skills can be involved in the commissions, also learning to interact with the client and their needs.

The School offers artists to go “forward in tradition”, through tools such as:

  • 1. A rigorous artistic and technical training...

…that enables you to master the figurative language, as it was taught in Renaissance art workshops and in the Academies of Fine Arts. Here you will learn traditional techniques such as chisel, drawing, oil painting, clay modeling, as well as technological tools such as 3D design software.

  • 2. An in-depth analysis of contemporary thought...

that will help you to understand the sacred with particular attention to Catholicism.

  • 3. The city of Florence...

which, with its collections and cultural events, is the most important learning room, a perfect context to train new professionals related to the world of art and crafts of the highest quality.


  • Metropolitan City of Florence

    Viale della Catena, 4 Le Pavoniere – Parco delle Cascine, 50144, Metropolitan City of Florence