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Rochester Independent College Two Year A Level Course
Rochester Independent College

Two Year A Level Course

Saint Margaret's Mews, United Kingdom

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Aug 2024

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IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

The ‘conventional’ A level course lasts for two years. At RIC it is usual for students to study four subjects in Year 12 and three in Year 13. Where required, additional language teaching support leading to the IELTS examination is part of the course. Day or boarding.

Some students have a firm career aim and can with confidence select a certain set of A level subjects. Others are encouraged to select combinations which keep their options as wide open as possible.

Early on a two-year course, students even have chance to try subjects for a while before settling to a final choice. RIC specialises in teaching short courses and it is thus rarely a problem should a student wish to change subject options as late as the beginning of their second year of study.

Guidance is always available in making option choices, indeed, students would not be allowed to change subjects until the change had been discussed at length with Personal Tutors.

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