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Revealed Word Bible College

Revealed Word Bible College


This amazing journey began in September 2014 when Revealed Word Bible College (RWBC) was conceived, branded and born. RWBC was established as a division of Strategic Missions, and we started preparing the teachings. We developed operational systems and a campus model that works and is easily replicable. It has been an exhilarating journey, a time of rapid growth.

With an incredibly dedicated team, it took 15 months of hard work to complete the first teachings, having gone through the process of researching, writing, typing, editing, checking, printing and training campus Facilitators. We launched our first campus in Kenya in February 2015. We made mistakes, bumped our heads a few times and learnt from the experience.

Distance learning has increased the size of our footprint. The internet has enabled more students to be trained to be effective ministers of the Gospel, with their faith also strengthened. This platform enables students who have access to the internet to study wherever they are and their own time.

Training, Preparing & Sending Workers out to bring in the Harvest and make Disciples.

We train our students in Practical Ministry so that when they qualify, they are not only certified with their Faith and Knowledge having been built up but, more importantly, they are equipped for Ministry. All our Diploma courses are two years, and we award a Certificate in Ministry after completing the first year.

When our students are qualified, they are equipped and ready to establish Ministries and take up other Ministry positions. We send them with all the tools they need and our Blessings.

Students are involved with various types of Ministry during training, which helps prepare them for their future Ministries. On the job training and outreaches, together with other Ministry, is good preparation.

Our graduates go and take the Harvest and make disciples and thus fulfil the Great Commission.


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