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Platt College

Platt College

Platt College


The mission of Platt College San Diego – Digital Media Design is to identify the natural talents of our students and build those talents into strengths that will serve as personal assets in a career-oriented society. Our mission includes the promotion of self-belief, respect for others, and a commitment to the ethic of focused work.

Platt College San Diego seeks to teach our students both traditional and contemporary skills within a supportive environment that stimulates the incubation of new ideas and stretches the minds and talents of our students. Because the fields in which we instruct are in a constant state of development, our emphasis is on providing a foundation in problem-solving skills to meet future challenges and the needs of a changing and the constantly evolving job market. Platt College is a family-owned and operated, accredited, private, post-secondary institution.


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    Alhambra, USA