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Prague Film School

Prague Film School


Prague Film School (PFS) is an international film school located in Prague, Czechia. PFS is the preferred choice for aspiring artists, filmmakers, and actors seeking to forge careers in the film industry. The school provides a comprehensive, hands-on curriculum that involves each student in up to 30 film productions annually. Course options include semester, one-year, and two-year diploma courses, as well as summer programs. The primary language of instruction is English.

Prague Film School specializes in teaching the styles of European art-house and American independent cinema. Students commence their education with training and practice in all core areas of film disciplines, later choosing to specialize in film directing, cinematography, screenwriting, documentary filmmaking, post-production, or film acting. Our graduates possess the expertise and skills necessary to operate as independent filmmakers and embark on successful careers in the film industry.

Studying at PFS offers a series of advantages: Our international faculty integrates European art-house with American independent cinemas and comprises professional filmmakers and experienced teachers. The school promotes liberalism, encouraging students to develop their unique styles without interfering with their artistic choices. PFS boasts an international student body, with 90-100 students per year representing 30-35 countries. The school provides a liberal and cosmopolitan creative environment. Students typically possess a strong background in film or media, either academically or professionally, with approximately 40% holding university degrees. PFS provides practical, industry-level training with around 400 short films shot annually. Each student writes, directs, and produces 4-5 films and participates in up to 25 other productions.

Our high-end facilities include Arri Alexa, RED Epic, Blackmagic, and Sony cameras, as well as shooting studios and post-production facilities equipped with Avid Media Composer and Da Vinci color grading. The program is intensive, featuring 24-28 hours of classes per week and 30-40 days on a film set per semester. Located in Prague, a cosmopolitan city with intimacy and medieval beauty, it is also a major European film center and home to one of Europe's largest and oldest film studios.


Student Profile

Prague Film School is open to applicants of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. Applicants are evaluated based on merit and creative potential.

Production experience is not a requisite for getting admitted, but of course welcomed. Students applying to Prague Film School come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, from the professional filmmaker to the initiate.

Applicant Categories at Prague Film School:

  1. Advanced filmmakers who may have already completed degree filmmaking programs back home and who have already made festival-level or professional film products
  2. Theater actors, acting conservatory graduates without formal training or experience in acting for film
  3. Intermediate applicants who have significant production experience as autodidacts or work in a film-related area but who have received little to no formal training
  4. Applicants with a background in cinema theory, acting, media studies, journalism, and humanities who have not yet had any production experience but who demonstrate a history of interest in film.

We welcome applications from motivated, independent, and hardworking individuals. Students are in class for 6-8 hours per day and are also busy with homework, shooting, and writing scripts. During production periods, which constitute 20-30 days per semester, shooting may last up to 12-14 hours/daily. Studies are very intensive and demanding and require a high level of personal discipline.

Acceptance Notification

Students are notified about acceptance within 10 - 21 days from the designated application deadline. Students applying from non-European or North American countries are encouraged to apply at least 4 months before the start of their desired programs to ensure student visas are issued in time.

Submitting Applications

All application materials can be submitted via the Internet. Applicants are advised, however, to check by telephone to make sure that the application was received.

Students applying to semester or year programs are requested to respond to two essay questions on the application form and to provide a sample creative portfolio. Semester and year students are also encouraged to provide two letters of recommendation.

Application Deadlines & Forms

Apply for 2024-2026 year programs, semester programs, and summer workshops.

Application deadline for year & semester courses starting September 2024: March 17, 2024

Application deadlines for summer workshops: Applications are reviewed weekly.

Alumni Statistics

Student Testimonials

Campus Life & Facilities

Camera equipment

Arri Alexa, RED Epic Dragon, Arri SR3 Film Camera, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k, Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Sony 4K XDCam. Zeiss CP2 lenses, Arriflex super 35 mm and super 16 mm format cinema lenses, Angenieux zoom lenses and Nikon full-frame primes. Tiffen, Schneider and Haida filters. Wireless Video transmitters, Wireless Follow Focus and other accessories.


Sachtler and Manfrotto 100mm & 150mm tripods. Dollies, GFM mini jib, camera sliders, Dana dollies, handheld rigs.


Lighting kits include Dedolights (100W 12V), Dedolight HMIs (200/400/575W), RGB LED Panels & Tubes, Quarzbeams (800W 220V), Desisti / Arri Fresnels (650W 220V), Kinoflo softlights (daylight/tungsten, 2-4 tubes, 220V), Arri HMIs (575W, 1200W, 1200W PAR, 2500W, 4000W), flags, scrims, color correction and effect gels, C-stands, Wind Up stands and other equipment.


For sound production, students work with Sennheiser Shotgun, Cardioid, Omni mics or wireless lavalier microphones, MixPre 6 or Zoom F6 mixers, Tentacles and other accessories.


  • Prague 1

    Pstrossova 19, Prague 1, Czech Republic, 110 00, Prague 1