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Open Cyber University Of Korea

Open Cyber University Of Korea

Open Cyber University Of Korea


In the face of an imminent knowledge-based society, Open Cyber University Of Korea was founded as Korea’s first cyber university in 2001 for cultivating talents through open education with practical knowledge and manners and affection for humans. Open Cyber University Of Korea continues to keep that founding sprit and accommodates 100,000 students every year, amounting to over 1,800,000 in total. We, Open Cyber University of Korea, strive to provide professional education services with excellent professors armed with both practical and theoretical skills and competent school personnel.

As the age changes, so should universities. They cannot keep the same old school management system. The main campus for a cyber university is cyberspace. Open Cyber University Of Korea is constantly striving to strengthen its status in cyberspace, developing a mobile campus and improving various educational systems. To maximize educational performance, the essence of university education, and to maintain a rational school management system, we also continue to make improvements to the old, inconvenient school systems from the perspective of students.

Facing change, people feel fear. With anxiety caused by treading an untrodden path, some people cannot put their best step forward. Open Cyber University Of Korea hosts and supports various off-line activities including department meetings, special lectures and regional meetings. We also provide continuous student counselling services to help students plough through the waves of change more easily than they can alone. With more than 10 years of experience, our professors, staff, and assistants all know that motivation for learning and continuous attention are critical factors in distance education. We are sure that in OCU, with the longest history and the most students, your journey in search of meaningful change will be bright and rewarding.


  • Busan

    Busan, South Korea