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Monash Professional Pathways Diploma of Information Technology
Monash Professional Pathways

Diploma of Information Technology

3, Australia

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Jan 2025

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The Diploma of Information Technology is the first step towards completing your Monash IT degree. IT is central to every industry – creating more efficient ways to work, engaging ways to reach customers, and establishing powerful ways to communicate. By studying IT, you ll have the skills you need to succeed in the changing world of technology.

Our diplomas are in two parts: part 1 and part 2. In part 1, you ll learn about the maths and science theory and practical skills you’ll need for University. In part 2, you ll study the same subjects as first-year University students and develop your specialist knowledge of IT.


  • tests
  • quizzes
  • group projects
  • presentations
  • poster presentations
  • tutorial assessments
  • a final exam

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