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Molkoms Folkhögskola

Molkoms Folkhögskola

Molkoms Folkhögskola


Molkom Folk High School (Molkoms folkhögskola) is one of 155 folk high schools in Sweden, a form of adult education that has existed since 1868. A total of around 200 people in all ages and from different backgrounds study at our school and we offer a variety of courses and programs. We can provide you with a platform for higher studies but also a vocational education within our two profile areas; Health Maintenance and Film – creating and producing,

Molkom Folk High School operates on two locations in the District of Värmland; Karlstad and Molkom. Our school in Molkom is also a boarding school, providing you with the choice of inexpensive room and board during your studies as well as a unique sense of community.

Most classes are in Swedish, but we offer at present one international program (in English): Film – creating and producing.

Campus Life & Facilities


Molkom is a small urban area within the municipality of Karlstad, beautifully situated by two lakes. About 2,000 people live in the community. There are several companies here and a fairly wide range of services including supermarkets, pizzeria, sports centers, dentists, pharmacies, a health center and a library. It is approximately 30 kilometers to Karlstad and the bus connections are quite frequent on weekdays.

Accommodation in Molkom

Molkom's Folkhögskola offers single-room accommodation with meals five days a week. There are also other solutions for student accommodation. See the education website for more information.

For those who wish, board and lodging service is offered at very favorable prices! See Molkom Folkhögskola's website for more information!


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    Mejerivägen 3, 655 60, Molkom