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Mindvalley University

Mindvalley University

Mindvalley University


Mindvalley Provides The Education That Regular Schools Forgot

Being Human is more than just what our broken education system makes it out to be. We teach the world the art of truly living extraordinary, fulfilling, happy lives.

We spend the prime years of our lives preparing for our careers. But we spend hardly any time preparing for things that will determine the quality of our life experience and the quality of our relationships, health, mindset and wellbeing. Mindvalley teaches you the things that actually matter most in life.

And we do it by bringing in the latest cutting edge techniques, the world’s best teachers, and a powerful learning platform that is the best of its kind in the world.


  • Kuala Lumpur

    Jalan Bangsar Utama 1,5, 59100, Kuala Lumpur