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Midlands Technical College Massage Therapist
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Massage Therapist

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Sep 2024

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Become a clinical massage therapist at MTC, and find yourself working in a variety of healthcare settings, spas, or health clubs, or you can open your own practice one day.

As a clinical massage therapist, learn how to apply massage techniques to treat soft tissue injuries, chronic pain and myofascial injury, and structural and postural distortions. Therapists who can identify and treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions (tonus system) using postural evaluation, assessment, muscle testing, and hands-on palpatory skills are growing in demand throughout mainstream medicine.

As this profession advances to include assessment and treatment of most soft tissue injuries, clinical massage therapists are becoming more crucial to physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and athletic trainers. Incorporating massage techniques for specific anatomical and physiological considerations with knowledge of basic musculoskeletal evaluation, assessment, and client education can produce positive results in musculoskeletal healthcare.

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