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McDaniel College Budapest

McDaniel College Budapest


Study Medicine in Hungary

McDaniel College Budapest Campus is registered in Hungary as a foreign institution of higher education by the permission of the Hungarian Minister for Education. For liberal arts-oriented students, it offers a standard American four-year undergraduate program in Hungary with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, valid for the USA and EU.

However, the most important goal of McDaniel College Budapest Campus is to offer worldwide students who want to become a medical doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or veterinary doctor the following Pre-medical/Pre-veterinary programs:

  • The two semesters pre-medical/pre-veterinary course from September 2020 till May 2021.
  • The intensive one-semester course from January to May, 2021.

The students of the long and intensive Pre-Medical/Pre-Veterinary Programs will study the most important subjects which are above all necessary for them to pass successfully the entrance exams and the Pre-Medical/Pre-Vet Programs will be a great help for them during their first and second university years. These subjects are:

  • English Communication,
  • Medical English;
  • Biology (Cell biology);
  • Chemistry (Biochemistry)
  • Physics;
  • Mathematics, etc.

The firm mission of McDaniel college Budapest is to prepare students for good medical universities anywhere, but first of all in Hungary. Students completing the Pre-Medical Programs of McDaniel College Budapest can continue their studies worldwide, but they are very welcome to Hungary to study at the following universities (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Health Science Faculties): Semmelweis University Budapest, University of Szeged, University of Pécs, and at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest.

Why Choose the Pre-medical Course at McDaniel College?

  • There is no entrance examination!
  • 30 years of experience!
  • More than 9000 graduates from more than 40 countries
  • High success rate, close to 90 % of university admission.
  • Program contents are based on the university entrance exams
  • Excellent student services
  • Full assistance upon arrival
  • Teaching in small groups with the best senior and young professors
  • Vibrant student life

Budapest offers something for everyone

  • Dramatic history and architecture
  • Healing thermal waters
  • Nice amusements and safe nightlife


  • Budapest

    Bethlen Gábor tér,2, 1071, Budapest