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Mander Portman Woodward A Level Media Studies
Mander Portman Woodward

A Level Media Studies

90-92, United Kingdom

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By studying Media Studies A level, you will develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyse the products of the media. You will look at all aspects of their design from their audio-visual presentation to the rhetorical devices and connotations of the language they use. You will examine a wide range of material and media forms, ranging from television and film to online media, music, print and advertising. Case studies on a selection of products will be used to support essay answers in the exams.

We are immersed in the products of the mass media on a daily basis. Figures vary wildly, but it is estimated that the average individual is exposed to at least a good few hundred advertisements a day. The best of them -- or worst, depending on your point of view -- can stay with us for years. Just as it is necessary today to have numeracy and literacy skills, it is increasingly important to have the critical abilities to engage with the media so that we are able to understand the designs it has on us and so that we are able to avoid being naively manipulated.

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