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Lorenzo de' Medici - The Italian International Institute

Lorenzo de' Medici - The Italian International Institute

Lorenzo de' Medici - The Italian International Institute


Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) - Higher Education at the Italian International Institute

Since 1973, LdM has built its reputation as one of Italy's most reputable international higher education institutes. Each year, LdM welcomes over 4000 students from over 100 different countries.

LdM offers authentic Italian learning and living experiences at its two campuses: Florence and Tuscania (a historic hill town in the Latium countryside). High-quality study abroad programs and professional certificate courses are available in a range of academic subject divisions, including:

  • Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Agriculture
  • Creative Arts
  • Design
  • Italian Language and Culture

All courses - with the exception of Italian Language - are taught in English.

Experiential Learning

LdM blends traditional and theoretical learning approaches with innovative and practical study, in order to fully prepare students for successful careers in their respective fields. The institute aims to empower students to push the limits of their own creativity, in order to realize their own potential and make powerful use of the knowledge they acquire.

The institute adopts an interdisciplinary approach and a deep engagement with the professional sector, in order to help students secure the practical skills they need to meet the challenges of their future fields.

An Authentic Italian Experience

LdM helps students to foster meaningful interactions with the Italian community, in order to get the most from their surroundings, both on an academic and personal level.

Each campus has its own distinctive character, which reflects its culture and history. Students can benefit from the artistic roots of historical Florence and of the true Italian experience of Tuscania.

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Campus Features

With over 2000 years of history, Florence is celebrated as the birthplace of modern humanism, naturalism in the arts, and scientific inquiry;it has produced masters such as Dante, Brunelleschi, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli. These artists and thinkers were mavericks of their time, forever changing the way we examine the world.

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its extraordinary monuments and palaces, Florence has become a major cultural landmark;travelers and admirers of the arts visit from all parts of the world to see its famous architecture, works of art, and the breathtaking rolling hills that surround the city.

In the last century, the birth of world-famous Florentine fashion labels has helped Florence make its mark on the modern era. Thanks to its commerce, wine, culinary delights, innovative creativity, and talented artisans, Florence has become one of Europe’s treasured global cities while remaining a testament to its past.


Tuscania, famous for its tufa rock promontories, has cinematic landscapes that have inspired artists and filmmakers such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Orson Welles, and Franco Zeffirelli, all of whom have used Tuscania as a setting for their films. Tuscania has a lot to offer in terms of historical, cultural and artistic heritage, as well as unsurpassed natural beauty. Students can find the remnants of ancient civilizations all through the town and the surrounding area, which hosts a surprisingly large number of Etruscan necropolis, Roman archaeological sites, and Early Middle Age Romanesque churches of great historical and architectural relevance. Cultivated fields, spanning orchards, rows of olive trees, lush vineyards and fragrant fields of lavender punctuate the ever-changing charm of a seasonal landscape.

This hilltop town is located just north of Rome, on the border of Tuscany and Lazio in the breathtaking countryside of the southern Maremma. The surrounding area possesses a nationally protected nature reserve and has a rich collection of archaeological sites that are not to be missed. Due to its central positioning, Tuscania is convenient for day trips to the beach, volcanic lakes, and hot springs, as well as for visits to the nearby towns of Viterbo and Tarquinia, Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Assisi.

Students attending LdM have the housing option in shared apartments (the homestay option is unavailable at the moment) with a free service set up to help them with their accommodation needs at all LdM sites. All participants’ housing needs are met for them to have the best cultural and educational experience.

Students are not obligated to choose housing through LdM, however, and may find accommodations independently.

The apartments used by LdM are located in different buildings across various parts of the city center of Florence and of the town of Tuscania. All are within walking distance of the school.

    Why study at Lorenzo de' Medici - The Italian International Institute

    With nearly 50 years of experience in international higher education, LdM is dedicated to delivering high-quality learning opportunities to students from around the globe. By expanding their knowledge and understanding of the world, LdM challenges students to evolve within the global community, focusing on the lessons of past and present cultures to cultivate a better tomorrow. Through experiential learning at both of our sites in Italy, LdM fosters students’ professional and personal development and empowers them to move towards their academic and career goals.

    Our Core Values:

    1) Learning is Empowerment
    LdM upholds both traditional and innovative educational approaches in higher education, complemented by experiential learning practices. LdM is dedicated to the empowerment of students as active participants in the learning process.

    2) Professional Skills

    LdM cultivates innovation through interdisciplinary projects and collaboration within targeted professional sectors, so that students achieve the real-world skills necessary to meet the challenges of their respective fields.

    3) Cultural Diversity

    As an educational and cultural institution, LdM believes in fostering diversity in a dynamic, international environment composed of faculty, staff, and students from over 100 different countries, providing equal and open access to educational opportunities.

    4) Community Engagement

    We are global citizens. LdM believes in community engagement and creates opportunities for meaningful interaction between international students and the Italian community in which they live and study. LdM is committed to creating an atmosphere of trust, safety and respect in an environment characterized by a rich diversity of people and ideas.

    5) Personal Growth

    LdM is dedicated to providing students with a foundational academic understanding of a broad range of disciplines, assisting and promoting their professional and personal growth.

    Awards & Accreditations

    Registered and Authorised in Italy

    The Ministry of Education (12 December 1989)

    the European quality certification ISO 9001:2015

    European Quality Assurance

    LdM Florence and LdM Tuscania approved

    The US Department of Veterans Affairs

    the Centrala studiestodsnamnden (CSN),
    the Norwegian Lånekassen, Lanasjodur Islenskra Namsmanna (LIN)


    the US Middle States Commission of Higher Ed as a branch campus of Marist College, particularly the quality of facilities and academic environment


    Campus Life & Facilities

    Housing service available for both Florence and Tuscania.

    Activities organized for students to enhance their experience abroad and discover less known aspects of Italy and of your host city.

    Team of experienced student advisors to assist our students in their everyday life

    Facilities and an own art gallery in the very city center of Florence, all at walking distance from each other.

    State of the art premises equipped for both theoretical classes and for practical courses, such as studio art, fashion lab, jewelry lab, graphic, photography, filmmaking, nutrition and gastronomy.

    In a city with such a rich historical importance, LdM Florence is primed to be the ideal choice for students interested in studying architecture, fine arts, fashion design, anthropology, and Italian language and culture.

    The central location of the Institute is ideal for students eager to explore Florence and its many attractions, from gems of medieval and Renaissance architecture and art, to museums, art galleries, street markets, café and restaurants. The nearby Mercato Centrale, a historical covered market in the San Lorenzo neighborhood, is a gourmet paradise, offering regional food in a dynamic and fresh atmosphere. There, Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici runs its own Cooking School, Scuola di cucina Lorenzo de’ Medici, which boasts courses - both in Italian and English - centered around the Italian gastronomic tradition.

    The LdM campus, which is comprised of 14 buildings in the historical center, is few steps away from the major tourist attractions in the city, such as the Dome Church of Santa Maria del Fiore, Ponte Vecchio, the oldest and most famous bridge over the Arno River in Florence, the famous haute couture street Via de’ Tornabuoni, and just few minutes walk from the Sant’ambrogio and Oltrarno neighborhoods, places equally loved by artists and students. In via de’ Pucci, a street of ancient palaces once belonging to aristocratic families, steeped in history, LdM runs it own art gallery, the LdM Gallery, which throughout the year gives space to exhibitions featuring the works of the most promising students and of emerging international and Italian artists. Every Spring, the piazza San Lorenzo, one of the most ancient in the whole city, hosts the LdM en plein air student exhibition The Art is in the Square, where young artists and designers, selected by an external jury, have the opportunity to exhibit their work to their peers, to tourists m and locals in the city of Florence.

    Florence is also known for its exceptional cuisine, characteristic restaurants, elegant shops, artistic workshops and traditional markets. As a thriving economic center with particular strengths in the fashion, luxury goods and economic sectors, the city of Florence also offers its inhabitants the chance to investigate myriad aspects of the contemporary Italian world. In addition, the city is an excellent location for access to other places in Italy, such as the Tuscany region, and Europe.

    LdM Tuscania promotes academic and cultural programs in a natural setting. Students enjoy a wholesome and healthy rhythm of life, learning from highly qualified faculty while fully engaging in the local community. Living in Tuscania, a historical town with nearly 9000 inhabitants, students are immersed in Italian culture. They learn how to bridge different cultures and languages through dialogue while taking time to nurture and develop new relationships. Students experience life-altering personal growth and gain an understanding of how they move through the world.

    The LdM Tuscania site is situated in the historic town center, surrounded by medieval stone walls. Its facilities include reading rooms and a library, an artist laboratory, a computer center, exhibition space, and a fully equipped instructional kitchen overlooking a community garden.

    Organized activities introduce students to ancient, local handicrafts, such as ceramics and stained glass workshops, clay sculpting, fresco painting, textile restoration, and glass work. Student activities offered throughout the semester introduce students to the local gastronomy and culinary traditions, including bread baking, gelato making, and Mediterranean cooking.

    In Tuscania, LdM students’ successful integration with the community and its residents is key. Staff and faculty welcome LdM students with open arms, teaching and encouraging them to build relationships in this new and inspiring cultural context

    Tuscania is the perfect site to enjoy nature in a beautiful setting by going on horse riding and walking tours in the surrounding countryside. There are many free activities throughout the week such as yoga, ayurvedic cuisine workshops, swimming in an outdoor pool filled with natural hot spring water, jogging, and hiking in the gorgeous woods of Tuscania, where mysterious medieval hermitages and lost towns can be discovered.
    Seasonal festivals during the whole year offer the possibility to enjoy the exquisite food products of this area. The Summer lavender festival, organized since 2021, is Italy’s biggest festival dedicated to this precious flower, which dresses the lush and beautiful fields around Tuscania in lilac and is used to produce essential oils, soaps, even as an ingredient in some delicious recipes.

    Moving around:
    After class and on weekends, students have the chance to rest and renew while exploring and experiencing their new environment. Tuscania is the perfect site to enjoy nature in a beautiful setting by going on horse riding and walking tours in the surrounding countryside. There are many free activities throughout the week such as yoga, ayurvedic cuisine workshops, swimming in an outdoor pool filled with natural hot spring water, jogging, and hiking in the gorgeous woods of Tuscania, where mysterious medieval hermitages and lost towns can be discovered.

    Free transfers are offered to LdM students on Thursdays and Fridays to reach the nearest train stations (Tarquinia or Viterbo, historical cities just 30 minutes far from Tuscania by car), and on Sundays, free transfers are available from Tarquinia train station to Tuscania. During the week, there are buses that run from early morning to late afternoon, and licensed shuttle services are also available. Costs depend on the distance traveled, as well as the students’ itineraries.

    Explore Tuscania’s surroundings!

    Only 15 minutes from Tuscania:

    Just outside of Tuscania lies Bolsena Lake, the largest volcanic lake in Europe. From its shores, students can rent a boat and visit the Byzantine Island, stroll through traditional Italian-style gardens and monuments, and enjoy the natural beauty of the lush forests surrounding the lake.

    Only 20 minutes away from Tuscania:

    The Tyrrhenian coasts of Tarquinia and Montalto, known as the Etruscan Riviera, makes for the perfect day at the beach. LdM Staff help students organize day trips to Giglio Island, which lies in the southern corner of the Tuscan Archipelago. There are 21 kilometers of beach on the island and small villages to keep every type of adventurer satisfied.

    Viterbo, the capital of the province, is a medieval city with a lively community and an active art scene. Just across the bridge is the enchanted “dying village” of Civita di Bagnoregio, a town frozen in time.

    An additional 20 minutes away, students can spend the day relaxing at Terme dei Papi, a 2000-sqm Monumental Therapeutic Pool full of thermal water coming from Bullicame’s spring. The thermal water is renowned for its healing qualities and skin benefits, and it is popular both during the summer and winter months. Students can also enjoy spa treatments at the Natural Grotto, a unique Turkish thermal bath, which has a cascade of natural spring water.

    Only 30 minutes away from Tuscania:
    The archeological Park of Vulci is a historically rich Etruscan town where students can take a hiking tour. Afterward, they can enjoy the Terme di Vulci to relax and swim in pools of thermal water surrounded by nature.

    In Umbria, students can visit the marvelous Marmore Falls, which boasts a height of 165 meters.

    Students can easily take a day trip to Rome, which is only a one-and-a-half-hour drive or train ride away from the Tarquinia train station.

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