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Kensley College

Kensley College


At Kensley college, We firmly believe education is the only key to unlock the doors of incredible opportunities. We strive to provide every student with a chance to realize his/her dreams and reign in their future. Over the years, we believed in our roots to define the student’s passion!

The Team

Kensley College is managed by a team of passion-driven, talented, and diligent individuals. Their strong belief to connect with the soul of every student enables them to provide a fair chance to every student in redesigning their career. With every stepping stone, they designed for the progress of the students, we are proud to encompass the spirit of knowledge and path!

Cornerstone Location

The College is located on Sherbrooke street in Montreal. It is the second-longest street on the Island of Montreal. Students experience a vibrant and exciting campus with a swing of cultures all around the arena. With a palatial student lounge equipped with mobile charging stations and green spaces, we take enormous pride in showcasing our engaging campus.

Our vision

Our vision is to impart hands-on training to build practical skills needed to join the contemporary workforce. The professionals who join our community play an important role. We are strategically planning a process that will include a review of the College, including the identification of key future programs.

Our mission

At Kensley college, we aid every student to discover and actualize his/her true potential. We thrive to assist students to achieve a bright future through education and enable them with the skills they need to enter the real world confidently. Our team is passionate about the learning process and works to keep up with the reputation of Kensley College.

Why Choose Kensley College, Quebec (Montreal)

Quebec is the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris, Montréal distinguishes itself by having many cultures and nationalities.

With more than 180,000 university students, Montréal has one of the highest rates of graduate students in every North American city. The students unanimously agree: Montréal is one of the best places to live and learn in the world.

Kensley College is committed to providing skills-based, simple, and caring education that promotes student academic and career success. For our overseas students, this means that we treat you as part of the Kensley family, and assist you step by step in your journey to earn your diploma and achieve your career goals.

Find out what makes Kensley, Quebec the place you want to be!

Safe Living Conditions

Quebec is recognized as a just, respectful, equitable, inclusive and democratic society. The crime rate is one of the lowest in North America.

Ultramodern Infrastructure

Institutions of higher learning throughout Quebec have state-of-the-art laboratories, computer labs, sports facilities, and work halls.

Inexpensive Cost of Living

Tuition fees for foreign students and accommodation costs in Quebec are among the lowest in North America.

Educational excellence

Quebec's education system is divided by its many internationally recognized programs.

A lovely Cultural Atmosphere

Every year, dozens of major Cultural and International Events - festivals, art exhibitions and sporting events - take place throughout Quebec.

The Charm of City Life

Quebec's major cities offer a great combination of modern North American and European charm.

Very Open Natural Spaces

The province offers an abundance of amazing vistas as well as many lakes and rivers, a large forest, a beautiful river. There are many provincial parks where visitors can admire unique landscapes while participating in various sports and recreation activities.


Getting around is easy and inexpensive. Montrealers' benefit from a wide range of public transportation systems, including metro (our train). Montreal is officially the best bicycle in North America, with 700 kilometers of bike paths.


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