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J.F. Oberlin University Summer Session

J.F. Oberlin University Summer Session

J.F. Oberlin University Summer Session



About JFOU

J. F. Oberlin University has nearly 9,000 students, including graduate students and students from overseas.Every year we have about 550 foreign students enrolled at the university. We also have over 140 partners schools in more than twenty countries and regions around the world. Our Japanese students acquire practical experience through a variety of programs, including not only language study and academic exchange programs but also volunteer programs and internship opportunities.The university has established five overseas offices to carry out various activities in international exchange and to support students studying abroad.

Tokyo & Machida area

The special-wards area covers 621 square kilometers and has a population of 9 million. It attracts visitors not only from abroad but also from all over Japan with its concentration of businesses and commercial facilities, well-developed traffic network, and countless cultural establishments and tourist destinations. The offices of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the newly-restored Tokyo Station building and Tokyo Skytree are just a few examples of sightseeing spots full of history and tradition.Continually generating new points of interest, Tokyo is undoubtedly one of the most advanced in the world.


The coexistence of “old good nature and tradition” and “new culture” is a big charm of the tourist town of Machida.The city feature shopping malls, great food, and various attractions. From Machida, there is an easy connection to central Tokyo.


  • Tokyo

    3758 Tokiwa-machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0294 Japan, , Tokyo