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Institut Tecnic Tecnologic Internacional

Institut Tecnic Tecnologic Internacional

Institut Tecnic Tecnologic Internacional


At ITTI Sports Institute, we focus on training innovative professionals for the sports industry. We provide practical programs and collaborate with leading companies to ensure successful job placement. We aim to be a global leader in sports management education, recognized for our academic excellence, adaptability, and innovation, as well as the positive impact of our graduates on the global sports sector.

Mission and Vision

At ITTI Sports Institute, our mission is to train all professionals who want to enter the sports industry sector through innovation. We are committed to offering academic programs based on practice and real experience, in addition to collaborating with leading companies and outstanding professionals in the industry to guarantee functional training aimed at effective job placement in the sector.

Our vision is to be recognized as a world leader in sports management training, standing out for our academic excellence, our ability to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of the market, and the significant contribution of our graduates to the development and success of the industry. of sport at a global level.

Our Disruptive Educational Approach

At ITTI Sports Institute, we adopt a disruptive educational approach, where practical and experiential teaching is the key to our method. We break with traditional schemes and immerse ourselves in real cases with the help of leaders in the sector, which become the cornerstone of our teaching. Our academic programs are exceptional, and we collaborate closely with high-level organizations in the sports industry such as FC Barcelona, ​​Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Association Internationale des Avocats du Football (AIAF), CONMEBOL, ISL Agency, ESC, LaLiga and NBA to offer a unique experience to our students.

  • Practical Teaching: Focuses on practical and real experiences

  • Real Cases: Uses situations from the sports world as a basis for learning

  • Collaboration with High-Level Organizations in the Sports Industry: Works closely with leading organizations in the sports industry

  • Breaking Traditional Schemes: Thanks to our innovative and current programs, we integrate the technological branch into all of them to provide a differential advantage to our students

  • Exceptional Academic Programs: Offers high-quality and relevant programs through immersive experiences within sports stadiums.

Visa Requirements

Visas and Residence Permits

The Student will be responsible for processing the necessary documentation to obtain the documentation for their stay and legal permanence in the state where the Program is taught.

Depending on the training program in which they have enrolled, the student will receive the necessary and/or mandatory or additional teaching material as considered by the teaching team. In the case of official training, the student will receive the Official material from the technological manufacturer; If it is not provided by the manufacturer, the student will be provided with the material that the academic management considers to obtain their certification, as well as complementary activities and workshops that ensure passing in their official exam. When the training, due to its nature, cannot be officially certified by a manufacturer, you will receive the complementary material that the teaching team considers optimal for your learning and your PFM (Final Master's Project).

Likewise, and depending on the case and at the request of the student prior to the start of the training, ITTI will make available to the student the necessary material, software and equipment of high technological qualification, which must be used by the students, always and everywhere respecting the instructions from instructors and/or instructions for use. The deterioration caused to said material, as a consequence of a manifest incorrect use of the same by the student, will force the student to cover the costs that will be generated in the restoration to the original and/or functional state of the deteriorated equipment or material.

The student will be solely responsible for all content that he or she individually generates, develops and/or disseminates on ITTI, or any of the virtual or physical media (web, social networks, magazines, etc.) of which ITTI is the owner. ITTI is exonerated from any responsibility that may arise related to the content disseminated by the students when using any of the aforementioned media.

Scholarships and Funding

Scholarships will be awarded based on merit and/or financial need under the conditions determined by the entity that grants the corresponding scholarship.

The different scholarships and promotions to access the Programs granted by ITTI or other entities are not cumulative with each other unless expressly provided for in the basis of the scholarship or promotion.


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