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IADES / Argentine Institute Of Secondary Education

IADES / Argentine Institute Of Secondary Education

IADES / Argentine Institute Of Secondary Education


Superior, IADES, was founded in 1956 with a commitment to providing quality teaching so that everyone can achieve educational excellence. It promotes a high academic level together with a personal accompaniment, essential for the integral development of each student.

It is a secular education center, respectful of all religious creeds and open to the community, without any type of discrimination, where the value of each of the individualities is promoted for their better adaptation and integration, facilitating the deployment of the potential that each student owns.

Ethics and discipline are values ​​promoted in the institution so that a climate of respect and order prevails in the space that encourages free and responsible action in all members of the educational community.

Initially, the secondary level was created, and, in 1976, the upper tertiary level was incorporated, where she is studying to be a Computer Systems Analyst and Language and Literature Teachers. All degrees are official, issued by the Ministry of National Education of the Argentine Republic, and also have validity throughout Mercosur.

Since 2019 it is possible to articulate the tertiary careers of the IADES with the following national universities: the National University of Lanús, National University of Lomas de Zamora, National University of La Matanza. In this way, the graduates of Systems Analysis can be received from Systems Engineers and Language and Literature Teachers, in Language and Literature Graduates respectively, in these high houses of studies.


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