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Human Capital (Singapore)

Human Capital (Singapore)

Human Capital (Singapore)


Welcome to Human Capital (Singapore)

People are the single, most potent, resource that an organisation has to achieve its goals. Over the years, the HR function has evolved and should no longer be seen as a separate supportive activity confined to HR managers and practitioners only.

Instead, the HR manager's role is to work with other managers to attain the organisation’s strategic goals. For managers with other line functions, people management is still an integral element of their responsibilities, regardless of their areas of specialisation and despite the fact that "HR" is not explicitly stated on their name cards.

Given that HR management is an essential part of the work of all managers, we at HCS Academy aim to train, develop, and coach professionals and people managers to be T-shaped managers. A T-shaped manager excels in his own work function while contributing significantly to other functions in the organisation at the same time.

Human Capital (Singapore) was incorporated in April 2009 as the national centre for Continuing Education and Training, and a provider of advisory services for human capital excellence. Operating as a partner of the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) in rolling out the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ), HCS Academy convenes conferences and competency-based workshops, forecasts and assesses trends, and bring managers and leaders together to learn from one another.

Human Capital (Singapore) is a one-stop institution which offers training and people management capability development services, guides individuals in attaining career goals and advises businesses on organisational management.

HR Training

The people managers trained at HCS Academy can re-design critical HR processes, identify and build needed competencies, and deploy best HR practices to their work and to the changing needs of their organisations. HCS Academy also helps them foster practical learning in their workplace.

Personal Career Guidance

We offer a career advisory service that helps individuals achieve their maximum potential. HCS provides insights into career opportunities and prepares professionals for career development and job readiness to ensure a right fit.


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