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Fanshawe College Graduate Certificate in Aerospace Operations Management
Fanshawe College

Graduate Certificate in Aerospace Operations Management

30 Weeks


Full time

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Sep 2024

USD 16,755 *


* international students | CAD 4,442.96 canadian students


Aerospace Operations Management is a one-year graduate certificate designed for graduates of engineering programs looking to gain hands-on experience with leading aerospace industry simulation and enterprise resource planning software while also developing their business communication and ethical leadership skills.

Your Learning Experience

The aerospace industry is growing rapidly and in need of the next generation of trained graduates with the skills to aid in the management and logistics of day-to-day operations across the sector.

Students in the Aerospace Operations Management program will gain experience in a variety of aspects of the management of aerospace operations, including aerodrome facilities design, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance certifications, aerospace logistics and resource planning, production safety and ergonomics, aerospace projects, quality and process development and more.

Graduates of the Aerospace Operations Management program will be well-positioned for employment in the aerospace industry including positions in aircraft maintenance and repair, aircraft design engineer, quality and certifications analyst, structural assembler, industrial or manufacturing engineer, project analyst and project coordinator. The program can also lead to supervisory and management roles in operations such as maintenance operations coordinator, program coordinator and operations manager.

The program will complement existing programming in the Norton Wolf School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology, allowing for pathways or bundling options with the following programs:

  • Applied Aerospace Manufacturing (Graduate Certificate)
  • Composites and Advanced Materials Aerospace Manufacturing (Graduate Certificate)
  • Remotely-Piloted Aerial Systems Commercial Operations (Graduate Certificate)
  • Aircraft Structural Repair Technician (Certificate)



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