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European Centre for Career Education

European Centre for Career Education


We all experienced fear and anxiety at the start of our careers. The big unknown of the working world is scary and intimidating. But it does not have to be.

European Centre for Career Education was founded for the sole purpose of building a bridge between graduation and the first steps of your career. We have perfected a program focused on soft and hard skills in your subject, networking and internship experience. 3 weeks of lectures, workshops and events with seasoned professionals, 4 weeks of guaranteed internship and one week for you to travel.

With six years of experience, 500+ partner companies, 3 auspices, a growing community of universities, and more than 1200 careers boosted, we believe we are on the right track.

Summer Programs

ECCEDU was established to provide a long-term solution to the overly theoretical tendencies of university education and career consulting. We bridge the gap between our students´ academic knowledge and real-life experience, building upon the theoretical foothold universities provide.

We believe that the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is an essential prerequisite for students to become successful in their future fields. Our two-month-long summer programs are focused on Law, International Business, Information Technology, Architecture & Design, Sustainability and Engineering. The programs consist of three weeks of intensive practical courses and four weeks of an internship in one of the more than 500 international companies all around the Schengen Area.

Lectures and Lecturers

Every summer, for three weeks, we teach our students practical topics that rarely make it to academic curriculums. These topics are selected carefully to make sure they stay relevant and are covered by active professionals who are considered experts in their fields. Among our speakers are Radek Špicar (President, Aspen Institute), Leoš Dvořák (Head of Digitalization, Valeo), Václav Nekvapil (Managing Partner, CEC Government Relations), Klára Sommerová (Co-founder and leader, (S)právně), Miroslav Černý (Coordinator of Intellectual Property Department, ŠKODA AUTO, a.s.), Petra Hrušková (Manager, Global TA Operations at Red Hat), Pavlína Louženská (Business and Innovation Strategist, 2FRESH Prague) and many others.


Internships by ECCEDU

ECCEDU programs are not only about spending time in the classroom; quite the opposite. After three weeks of intensive practical courses, our students get a chance to use and improve their freshly acquired knowledge by going on a four-week-long internship in one of the top-tier companies operating in their sector.We partner with companies like Siemens, UniCredit Bank, Lego, and Coca-Cola; law firms such as DLA Piper, and Linklaters; and studios such as Jestico+, Whiles Architecture, and Chapman Taylor Architects, as well as many others, to provide valuable experiences, skills, and know-how.

All our partners are well aware of the huge gap between traditional education and real-life situations; therefore, they gladly agreed to participate in preparing our students to become successful future leaders and well-recognized experts in their respective fields.


Scholarships and Funding

AmountApplication Deadline
One full scholarship every year because we care about giving a chance to those who can not afford our programs.2,000 EURFebruary 29, 2024
Social scholarship offers up to 50% off the program fee for eligible applicants. 500 EURFebruary 29, 2024

Why study at European Centre for Career Education

We offer you an opportunity to learn from the real leaders, who succeeded and became experts in their field. You will also have a chance to gain real-life experience from them during 4 weeks-long, tailor-made internship.

Campus Life & Facilities

Traditionally, our Summer Programs open with a welcome gala evening for ECCEDU students. This event provides an opportunity to meet inspiring people, such as founders, lawyers, corporate managers or architects. Various team-building activities are organised thorough the lecture part of the program, such as barbecues, escape games, laser games or sightseeing and shopping for local products; and trips around Czech republic (Kutná Hora, Český Krumlov) and abroad (Vienna, Berlin). An ECCEDU certificate is provided at the end of each program during an informal awarding ceremony, usually in form of barbecue party. In addition, the internship companies grant letters of recommendations or internship certificates.


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