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EAE | Programas Distancia

EAE | Programas Distancia


The way people learn has changed

Distance education is today a reality all over the world. Many of the European, Asian and American universities offer their programs and master's degrees at a distance. Educational innovation has occurred thanks to the emergence of new technological supports, which are changing the way in which people learn, creating enormous opportunities.

EAE Business School, aware of this new reality, decided in 2007 to include the Online Distance and Blended Blended Training methodologies in its programs. In this way, your students can benefit from the many advantages of being able to study at a distance:

Reconcile personal and work life

The active use of new technologies makes it possible to reconcile training activity with professional and family life.

At your own pace

Without a doubt, one of the great advantages of being able to study at a distance. The characteristics of the EAE Online Distance and Blended Blended Programs allow each student to adapt their studies at their own pace, since the academic calendar is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each student. The academic advisor will accompany the student throughout the training process at the pace set by him, taking into account that he has up to 3 years to complete the master's studies and 2 years for higher programs. 80% of our students complete their studies in a period of 12 to 18 months.

Where and when you want

The Online Distance and Blended Blended Distance modalities allow studying at the time and in the place that the student wishes. The pedagogical model of EAE programs adapts to any circumstance (availability of time or geographical location, for example).

This flexibility makes any situation suitable for accessing the campus online and continuing your studies. In addition, the student does not need to carry the learning materials with them, since they are available in a digital version on the Campus.

You will save time

With the Distance Online or Blended Blended learning modalities, time is saved: it is no longer necessary to travel to the place where the classes are held. It is the student who decides where he wants to study.

You are the protagonist

The student is the center of our training activity: all the contents and the educational model revolve around their needs. EAE Business School's methodology is structured in three areas, which take the student as the central axis:

  • Learning is based on experience: we adapt and apply all theoretical concepts to the real world.
  • Learning is based on problems: the student must respond to different setbacks and apply the knowledge acquired.
  • The training is based on case studies: teachers simulate real cases in the classroom to stimulate student learning.

In addition, students have the EAE Business School online Campus and resources, services and activities to continue developing their learning process. All these elements are adapted to support the demands and concerns of each student.


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