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Autonomous University of the City of Mexico Diploma in Freud-Lacan Psychoanalysis
Autonomous University of the City of Mexico

Diploma in Freud-Lacan Psychoanalysis

Mexico City, Mexico

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Jul 2024

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Today we have established ourselves as one of the few public and free spaces dedicated to transmitting psychoanalysis in a serious, rigorous, and systematic way in Mexico City, so after ten years of continuous commitment to the UACM we decided that the time is right to rethink the project again, with the aim of making a logical progression that seems necessary to us for a space for teaching, research, analysis and reflection whose main character has been to keep in constant change and improvement. And, to carry it out, we must take a sabbatical year, which means that we will not open the ninth promotion for the Freud-Lacan Diploma in Psychoanalysis 2017-II / 2018-I.

But that does not mean that we will stop investigating, but on the contrary, because we will carry out a series of academic activities that we will make known in due course through the official page of the UACM, the page of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and our official Facebook page. And as soon as the institutional arrangements for the new project have been completed, we will publish it in the same media, as it will surely be a pleasant surprise for all those interested in Lacanian psychoanalysis.

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