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Australian College of Kuwait : ACK

Australian College of Kuwait : ACK

Australian College of Kuwait : ACK


Established in 2004, ACK is one of the first private universities in Kuwait. The College offers world-class higher education on home ground through international learning partnerships. Courses of study are available at diploma and bachelor degree levels and in specializations within Engineering, Business, Aviation and Maritime studies.

ACK offers a personalized approach to learning where each student has an academic advisor who is available for scholastic and career guidance. At the same time, ACK places importance on the overall College experience and accordingly a wide range of sporting and club activities are available so that students can pursue their hobbies and interests with others and establish lifelong friendships.

The experiential model of learning at ACK enables students to graduate not only with academic knowledge but also with workplace related skills and attitude so they are job ready. Project Based Learning (PBL) and Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate (CDIO) are proven methods of learning whereby students work on team or individual projects to research an industry or business issue and then develop strategies, processes and products as solutions. Internships within local places of employment, and even internationally, also create the opportunity for students to work alongside existing staff and gain first-hand experience in their desired career field.


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