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Athens Institute For Education And Research (ATINER)

Athens Institute For Education And Research (ATINER)

Athens Institute For Education And Research (ATINER)


ATINER was established in 1995 as an independent world member-based association of academics and researchers. Athens was chosen as the meeting place because of its long history and culture. ATINER’s mission is to act as a forum where academics and researchers from all over the world can meet to exchange ideas on their research and discuss the future developments in their disciplines. Homer (3000 years ago) was the first to call such meetings symposiums, a word that today is used by many languages to describe academic meetings. In Classical Athens of the 5th Century BCE, such academic meetings reached their colophon of glory, especially those with Socrates’ participation. The epic ergo of Plato’s Symposium can be considered as the archives (book proceedings) of just one of many such academic meetings.

ATINER aims to revive Athens’ long historical tradition by organizing and hosting international conferences and symposiums as well as promoting research and producing publications. Since 1995, ATINER has organized more than 400 such international academic meetings, attended by academics from close to one thousand universities and other academic institutions from 120 different countries and around the world. A guide on ATINER’s academic events is available here. It has published more than 200 books. In 2012, the Association launched a series of conference paper publications with close to 1500 papers on various subjects, and in 2014 a series of e-journals.


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