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Algebra University Summer Course in Mobile Application Development
Algebra University

Summer Course in Mobile Application Development

Zagreb, Croatia

4 Weeks


Full time

31 May 2024

01 Jul 2024

EUR 2,350 *


* one module


This module presents a vital core for all hardcore programmers, with very strong prerequisites and excellent knowledge of Java and C# programming languages. Therefore, upon successful completion of the module, the students will, with no exception, witness their own quantum leap in knowledge, learning both the Kotlin programming language and Android mobile architecture.

About the module

The main purpose and aim of this module is a proper and thorough introduction to mobile application development. Because of the ever-growing popularity, widespread usage, variety of target devices, and open-source nature, the platform is chosen to be Android, and the programming language is Kotlin.

Android ecosystem consists of 4 pillars that students must become very accustomed to – Activity, Service, Broadcast Receiver, and Content Provider. With proper knowledge of the ecosystem, using mobile-oriented libraries, and following the latest development standards, along with the advanced and sophisticated usage of Kotlin, the students are capable of delivering a highly scalable project that can serve as a personal framework for developing Android applications.


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