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Diploma Programs in Life Sciences

Every student is unique, as are the paths available for higher education. Students interested in fast-tracking their career can earn a diploma in a specific course of study.

What is a diploma in life sciences? Students interested in this path of study may learn about the nature of lifeforms. The general overview of life science programs, also called biosciences, typically delves into the complex nature of living organisms and their development, purpose and environment. Within this field are subfields that students can focus on, such as biology, chemistry, physiology, ecology, genetics, horticulture and agricultural. Students also can learn to better use the scientific method to understand life from its smallest to biggest forms.

While learning about life at a scientific levels, student may enhance their own life skills. Communication and problem-solving abilities are inherent in science and everyday living. Student also may become more familiar with analyzing charts, communications and statistics, which complements a resume.

Since diploma programs are typically around two years, students can expect to pay for at least four semesters. This cost will vary on the school selected to attend and may also be influenced by whether it is online or on campus.

Since life sciences is a broad subject that isn’t connected with a specific career, opportunities may be easier to find with an emphasis in a particular subject. Generally, students may find a role as a lab technician or research assistant. Chemistry- or biology-focused diplomas may lead to jobs like biochemist, microbiologist or clinical research associate. Resource managers or park naturalists are potential jobs for those interested in ecology. An emphasis in physiology may open the door to the field of medicine. Students may find work as a pharmaceutical researcher or health care scientist.

Life science diplomas can be obtained from a number of accredited institutions internationally. Online programs are available for specific subfield studies. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.