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10 Diploma Programs in Art Studies Creative Arts 2024



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Diploma Programs in Art Studies Creative Arts

Diplomas are received after attending and passing required coursework at a technical or community college. They can open the doors to additional job opportunities.

What is a diploma in creative arts? Coursework is geared to specific fields in the creative arts, whether that is theater, creative writing, fine arts, dance, woodworking or other specific types of arts available at that institution. Individuals may learn to paint, sew, write, draw, carve, sculpt and more, depending on the diploma sought. Most diploma programs take one to two years to complete, though some may take longer for further specialization.

Creative problem-solving, entrepreneurial knowledge and collaboration skills are all transferable proficiencies that can be learned in creative arts programs. Being able to work with others, solve problems in creative and new ways, and market creative work can prepare students to work in the realm of business or wherever they decide to go.

How often an individual chooses to attend in any given semester will dictate the cost for that semester along with course associated fees. Before making coursework or school selections, research the programs available via the school's website or by calling an enrollment advisor.

A diploma in creative arts prepares students to work in the film, TV and stage industries as movie extras, stage assistants, costume assistants and actors/actresses. For those on a creative writing track, authors, screenwriters and playwrights are optional career paths. Additionally, positions as fine artists, illustrators, museum curators, exhibition designers, commercial art gallery managers, art therapists and printmakers are good choices. Some related job opportunities exist as teachers, lecturers, arts administrators, stylists, multimedia programmers and interior and spatial designers.

Many community and technical colleges offer online coursework and on-campus instruction on a full-time or part-time basis depending on students’ schedules. To begin, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.