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38 Course Programs in Environmental Studies 2023


Courses are often taken by students to seek additional training or to improve qualifications for more advanced employment. They can vary greatly in duration, content, and purpose. Depending on the topic, courses typically range from as short as a week for intensive training to several weeks or months for online sessions that deliver a broader scope of content.

What is a course in environmental studies? An environmental studies course advances a student’s knowledge in a variety of currently relevant topics such as energy, pollution, and environmental awareness. Sessions often cover how to evaluate and address environmental problems. Other topics that may be covered include forest ecology, energy efficiency in buildings, sustainable practices, harnessing eco-friendly power sources, and political ecology. Courses may also address the role of regulation on the environment, how social and economic conditions affect ecological issues, and major environmental challenges.

Students taking courses in this field can gain critical reasoning and thinking skills as they consider how to solve local and worldwide environmental problems. They frequently learn how to use data when developing proposals for change. Writing and presentation skills can also be enhanced throughout the programs.

The length and range of course work can impact tuition and fees, which vary between institutions. Intensive, short-term sessions are typically priced differently than programs conducted over multiple weeks or months. The mix of online and classroom sessions also affect the cost.

Education focusing on environmental studies can launch several types of careers. Many students pursue jobs such as environmental projects coordinator or environmental specialist. Other positions may include human ecology specialist, environmental permit writer, global environmental competency leader, sustainability director, ecology inspector, safety specialist, ecology program consultant, or environmental protection specialist. Those with a keen interest in writing could be journalists or freelance writers covering environmental topics.

Courses of many lengths and themes are delivered online and on campus by universities around the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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