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6 Course Programs in Development Studies 2023


Taking advanced courses is an excellent way to achieve an academically rigorous experience in a subject of interest. A course can provide a focused study on a topic along with some flexibility concerning attendance and completion. Courses can range between monthly and yearly duration.

What is a course in development studies? Generally, development studies courses instruct students how to address global inefficiencies, resource limitations, and poverty. Students choosing to focus on development studies may find themselves engaged in material covering multidiscipline issues of social science and related change. Topics for learning may include economic development, international relations, urban studies, or sustainability development. Consistent themes amongst development courses are usually policy or process efficacy and continued provision for societal needs.

Skills such as research, writing, and communication are vital qualifications those with training in development studies can bring to a business setting. Project management and leadership behaviors cultivated from the study of people and interrelated elements are important for both promotions for personal projects. Creative and progressive thinking patterns can showcase vision, opening doors for promotion.

There are many programs available through distance learning opportunities or local institutions for those looking to pursue a course in development studies. Program length and fees will vary by area of interest and institution, so check with the school of choice concerning a total program cost.

Those with a background in development studies can merge into a number of career fields. Given this subject's extensive global perspective, the potential for employment as a foreign correspondent, international aid worker, or immigration officer exists. Students could also pursue employment as foreign service officers, economic development officers, or educators. The interdisciplinary nature of a course in development studies can create crossover potential in many sectors of both private and public employment such as civil service or work with political or nonprofit think tanks.

Students can pursue their interests in development studies through a number of online and distance-learning programs or through local institutions more convenient to their needs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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