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10 Course Programs in Dance 2023


A course is a higher education path of study that can be taken following high school or college. Students generally enroll in courses in order to gain valuable knowledge and work experience in the field of their choice.

What is a course in Dance? This path of study focuses on the principles and technique of dance. Depending on the program, students may need a certain level of dance experience to enroll. The course may include instruction in a wide range of dance disciplines, from hip-hop to ballet. Some courses require students to select a discipline and specialize in it. Upon completion of the course, students are usually awarded a course certificate.

The main advantage to taking a course in Dance is the skills and experience you gain. For hands-on learners, these programs are ideal in that they involve a great deal of practicing and rehearsing, allowing students to constantly improve their dance technique.

Because each program is a little different, dance courses will vary in cost. If you wish to know details about a given course's costs, contact the school's admissions office directly.

A course in Dance is most directly applicable to careers that involve dance, such as stage acting, choreography, dance instructing and backup dancing. Many of these careers are highly competitive. A course in Dance can be a crucial first step in the direction of these careers, but more experience may be required by some employers. Dance ability only increases with practice; many aspiring dancers continue to take more classes after gaining their course certificate. This can also be a great way to further specialize in a given area of dance.

If you are interested in learning more about the different courses available in the field of dance or would like to begin your application process today, we can help. Our listing of courses can help you narrow down your choices to the course that best matches your schedule and goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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