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69 Course Programs in Natural Sciences Chemistry 2024



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Course Programs in Natural Sciences Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the oldest natural sciences and it is the study of matter - its properties, identification of substances that make up matter, the ways in which they combine, interact and change. The basic concepts laid down in Chemistry courses are the foundations of matter - from the atom, to elements, compounds, substances, molecules, and measuring units for matter. Chemistry courses will also build on the ionic qualities of matter, acidity or basicity, phases of matter, bonding, reaction, equilibrium and energy.

Chemistry courses usually lie within one of several subdisciplines, including neurochemistry, theoretical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry or analytic chemistry, to name some examples. Within these fields, Chemistry courses can teach students some essential knowledge and skills toward a number of rewarding careers in Chemistry-related industries, like medical, chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, energy, research or academic areas.

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