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Course Programs in ATPL

Courses provide a closer look at any given subject, offering students an academic environment in which to support their personal and professional goals. Coursework varies by institution, as do completion requirements and time commitments.

What is a course in ATPL? A course pursuing an airline transport pilot license (ATPL) will deliver comprehensive training in aviation elements of aircraft knowledge, the laws governing air travel, and communication and operation procedures. Courses might include instrumentation, navigation, and meteorology. Supervised and training flight time is often required in single or multi-engine aircraft, but there may be allowances for those already holding a flight license or military training. Principles of flight, flight planning and flight monitoring are also potential classes.

The student exposed to training for an ATPL develops valuable skills that can be transferred to other career fields. Time-management skills aid organizations with efficiency and task completion, while the technical nature of ATPL experience lends well to problem-solving and critical thinking demands. Autonomous decision-making and leadership skills are often highly sought after amongst employers.

Attending a course in ATPL generally leads to the ATPL examination and flight time, creating a hybrid opportunity for learning. Courses can be started online, but usually require physical attendance for completion. Check with a specific institution regarding their cost and attendance options.

While the career desire for an ATPL student would be chief pilot of a commercial airline, graduates could potentially transition into other aviation careers. First officers, flight instructors, airport control operators, flight dispatcher and airport manager are potential matches with a background in ATPL. Additionally, a student might find employment as a business pilot for private sector companies, a private pilot in remote locations, an NTSB accident investigator, FAA safety inspector, or even a commercial drone pilot.

A course in ATPL can open doors to an adventurous and rewarding career in aviation. Courses can be found around the world, accessed both online and in person. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.