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South Korea

Best Universities for Academic Courses Programs in South Korea 2024

Number of institutions: 4
    • Manchester, United Kingdom
    • Budapest, Hungary
    • + 62 more

    World-class university preparation qualifications designed by universities for international students to succeed at university.

    • Busan, South Korea

    In the face of an imminent knowledge-based society, Open Cyber University Of Korea was founded as Korea’s first cyber university in 2001 for cultivating talents through open education with practical knowledge and manners and affection for humans.

    • Nam-gu, South Korea

    Gwangju University is founded by Dr. Kim In-Kon in 1980 upon the spirit of fostering honest and competent individuals. Gwangju University is proud of its high reputation with the best educational conditions; the high ratio of faculty members, facilities professors.

    • Nam-gu, South Korea

    Tongmyong University sees the potential of the student and educates the practical skills for achieving that.