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Best Universities for Academic Courses Programs in Germany 2024

Number of institutions: 10
    • Düsseldorf, Germany

    The Fashion Design Institute was founded in Düsseldorf in 2008 and is now one of the top schools in the world. A comprehensive program is offered here in which work technologies are taught and initial professional experience is collected and consolidated in the learning process. International fashion designers, fashion journalists & stylists, and fashion marketing managers are trained at the fashion school

    • Dortmund, Germany

    StudyInBali (SIB) offers a unique blend of academic excellence and adventure, providing students worldwide with an unparalleled study-abroad experience on the mesmerizing island of Bali. Our programs are carefully crafted to not only enrich students' academic knowledge but also to immerse them in the vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and dynamic lifestyle that Bali has to offer. Our curriculum is designed to cater to a diverse range of interests, incorporating core subjects with experiential learning opportunities that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting.

    • Berlin, Germany

    IU International University of Applied Sciences is Germany's largest university, boasting a student population of over 100,000 from over 153 countries. Their state-accredited Bachelor, Masters and MBA degree programs are taught in English and offer a unique approach to learning. With an impressive recommendation rate of 96%, their programs are designed to give students ultimate flexibility; their fully integrated digital platform and innovative learning tools allow students to earn a 100% online degree tailored to their personal sched

    • Tübingen, Germany

    The University of Tübingen- Innovative, interdisciplinary, international Since 1477. These have been the University of Tübingen’s guiding principles in research and teaching ever since it was founded. With this long tradition, the University of Tübingen is one of the most respected universities in Germany. Recently, its institutional strategy was once again successfully selected for funding in the Excellence Initiative sponsored by the German federal and state governments, making Tübingen one of Germany’s eleven universities distinguished with that title of excellence.

    • Augsburg, Germany

    The University of Augsburg is a comparatively young university. It was founded in 1970 by the Free State of Bavaria as a “Reformuniversität”( Reform university). The university has successfully used the associated opportunities to develop dynamically and orientate its own profile to the challenges of the present and future.

    • Berlin, Germany

    The Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS) is an intensive, academic program through which students can earn credits that may be counted towards their degrees at their home institutions. FUBiS sessions run for three to six weeks and take place both in summer and winter. 

    • London, United Kingdom
    • Helsinki, Finland
    • + 11 more

    EIT Digital Summer School programmes are open for Bachelor and Master students, young professionals, and others who want to deep-dive into emerging digital technologies, learn how to turn technology into business, and eventually launch deep-tech startups. Learn from the faculty and staff of our top tech EU partner universities. Gain hands-on experience through company cases, project work and collaboration. Competitively priced tuition. Have fun meeting and networking with like-minded students from around the world!

    • Frankfurt, Germany

    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management - Sustainable World Academy is a leading private business school based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We have 86 regional education centres throughout Germany and various joint ventures and programmes abroad. We offer top-class degree courses and continuing education options in seven different programme divisions. We maintain four specialist research centres and run numerous international consulting projects. All educational, research and consulting activities are focused on finance and management. By finance, we mean crossfunctional financial activities at all companies that deal with financial management. And by management, we mean classical corporate leadership, where managers deploy employees and resources in such a way that the company’s goals are met as cost-effectively as possible. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management - Sustainable World Academy originated in the financial sector, but today our services enjoy increasing appreciation in other business sectors as well. In the future, we will be continuing to expand our national and international networking with the business community.

    • Giessen, Germany

    Justus-Liebig-University celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2007. The University took these celebrations as an opportunity to emphasize its individual subject profile, display its strengths, and present its top-level research initiatives.

    • Dortmund, Germany

    Just 52 years old, TU Dortmund University is a young university whose profile is characterized by the unique interaction between natural/engineering sciences and social sciences/cultural studies.