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11 Associate of Science Programs in Environmental Studies Environmental Sciences 2024



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    Associate of Science Programs in Environmental Studies Environmental Sciences

    Many students choose to earn an associate degree to learn the foundational knowledge and skills of a subject. Associate degrees can help students pursue career opportunities or prepare them for further study in a bachelor’s degree program.

    What is an Associate of Science in Environmental Sciences? Environmental sciences encompass the study of the environment and potential improvements for its sustainability. This field incorporates many different scientific concentrations, such as biology, chemistry, geology and more. Courses in this type of degree program typically explore the fundamentals behind observing the environment, including the study of energy, pollution and social trends. Through research and analysis of different issues, students can prepare for a career in improving the earth’s climate and environment.

    For students of environmental sciences, it is ideal for them to focus on developing their critical thinking and analytical skills. Through various research projects, students often practice and improve their academic writing skills that can ultimately help improve overall communication.

    The cost of earning an associate degree depends on the type of school offering the degree and how many courses are required to complete it. However, an associate degree is usually a much cheaper and quicker option for additional education than earning a bachelor’s degree.

    While an associate degree can help students enter the field of environmental sciences, a bachelor’s degree can typically improve one’s chances of finding a higher paying position. An environmental sciences degree can open the door for students to become town planners, transportation planners, waste treatment officers, water quality inspectors and more. Students may choose to focus on environmental career options as well including positions like recycling officer, conservationist and environmental manager, consultant, or educator.

    Many community colleges, universities and other educational institutions around the world offer associate degrees in a multitude of subjects. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.