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33 Associate of Arts Programs in Music 2024



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Associate of Arts Programs in Music

Students who seek out an Associate of Arts can find programs at both community colleges and vocational schools. It typically takes about two years of full-time course work to receive this kind of degree. Either general education or specialty concentrations can be followed as a course of study.

What is an Associate of Arts in Music? Students who follow this path will often receive direct instruction in music theory and practice. Individuals can focus on a particular instrument, such as piano or guitar, or find a program that applies a broader approach to the study of music. Class instruction may include music history, musical genres such as classical or jazz, music production, sound engineering, audio recording, and digital editing. These programs can be highly specialized depending on student interests and school of choice. A combination of both lectures and hands-on instruction should be expected from most programs.

Students will typically receive a wide array of musical knowledge. Building upon an existing desire for proficiency of a particular instrument or production of music, students learn the art of creative expression through music and the importance of the arts in general on society as a whole.

The cost of this type of degree program is determined by the type of curriculum, duration of the program, and location of the college or school. Contact the administrative support department of your chosen school for questions about costs.

An Associate of Arts in Music gives students a good background to enter the field. Students with this type of degree often have opportunities for careers in music production, live performances, and in education. Many find jobs as studio musicians. Further education can maximize a musician’s skill set and offer advanced opportunities such as professors in universities.

Since music is a universal language and business, programs are available around the globe. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.