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7 Associate of Arts Programs in Humanities Studies Composition Studies Creative Writing 2024



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Associate of Arts Programs in Humanities Studies Composition Studies Creative Writing

An Associate of Arts degree is the first level of degree available upon completing high school. It typically takes about two years to earn and is focused on a specific field of study to give you an advantage in your career path.

What is an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing? The focus of this type of program is generally in two specific areas, the study of the genre through published works and building a student’s own writing abilities. There can also be a specialization, such as poetry, fiction, journalism or screenwriting. A typical curriculum will include courses in composition, advanced English, communication and studies of specific genres of literature.

In following this field of study, you may gain the ability to write more effectively, analyze your own work and offer constructive critique to others. While preparing you for a career as a writer, these skills are also helpful personally.

To determine what your cost would be for an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing, you should first understand that it will vary based on your school, its location and any grants or scholarships that you could be eligible for. Online resources from schools you're considering are the best place to start.

By obtaining this degree, you can potentially pursue many career directions, as the positions available can be very different. An obvious one is to be a published author in poetry, fiction or non-fiction. Other choices could be a screenwriter, freelance writer, digital or advertising copywriter. Journalist or editorial positions also value this type of degree, whether it is newspaper, magazine or social media. New trends are emerging due to technology, such as script writers for video game companies and social media personalities.

Technology has also enabled students to take online classes. In addition to more flexible scheduling, this also offers you the chance to attend schools far from home. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.