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29 Associate of Applied Science Programs in Agricultural Science 2023


Many employees work for years and find that they need more education to change jobs, gain promotions, or increase wages. An Associate of Applied Science degree is often an easier and faster program to pursue than a bachelor’s degree, offering technical skills and hands-on training in many cases.

What is an Associate of Applied Science in Agricultural Science? Agricultural science pursues elements of food science, biological engineering, and veterinary medicine to give students a well-rounded education. Plant science and systems, food choices and issues, communication and the environment, and introduction to animal genetics are just a few areas that programs may cover. Since this subject area deals with nature, it may be likely that students will work with local farms on sustainability and other projects.

Graduates often come away from their degree programs with strong research and analytical skills that help them determine new methods for growing crops, breeding livestock, and more. They also learn business skills that generally make them better candidates for job opportunities.

These programs typically take between one and two years of full-time study. There is no set cost for an associate degree in agricultural science, and each program may have different associated fees that affect cost. Discussing budgetary needs with the admissions office of a desired school is a wise option.

After completing this program, many find employment as agricultural engineer, conservationist, botanist, soil and plant scientist, agricultural food scientist, wildlife manager, and plant ecologist. Those interested in fertilizers, pesticides, and plant/animal health may opt for microbiologist positions. This type of study can allow graduates to work in a variety of industries such as food, agriculture, veterinary medicine, and ecology.

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