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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 17 Associate Degrees Programs in Tourism and Hospitality 2024

17 Associate Degree Programs in Tourism and Hospitality 2024


Students earn associate degrees after completing programs in the arts or sciences, which typically take about two years. These degrees can be an appealing option for students who want to start working quickly or explore a career path without committing to longer-term programs. An Associate Degree in Tourism and Hospitality can be an asset for students interested in advancing within either industry.

What is an Associate Degree in Tourism and Hospitality? This degree helps students develop the skills necessary to run a tourism or hospitality business. Students learn how to manage people and other assets while providing excellent service to clients. Besides developing broad administrative and management skills, students learn about specific sectors of the industry, such as lodging, food service, and travel. Many programs also include coursework over business law, marketing, and even geography.

This degree prepares students to assume leadership roles within their chosen fields. Students learn about specific and unusual challenges they will face in the industry, from managing off-season operations to predicting travel trends. Students complete the degree program with a balance of niche knowledge and general techniques that can be applied throughout the industry.

The cost of earning an Associate Degree in Tourism and Hospitality can be different at each institution. The program length and the geographic region can affect the ultimate cost. Students should contact institutions they are interested in to learn more about expenses.

After earning an Associate Degree in Tourism and Hospitality, students may pursue exciting jobs in almost any country. They may work in hotels, food service and catering, or exotic settings such as cruise ships, with the eventual goal of advancing to management positions. Students may also seek jobs with travel or tourist agencies. Students could additionally go on to work as consultants, marketers, or other specialists once they have gained sufficient experience.

Educational institutions in various countries offer this degree, and some even let students complete the program virtually. Online learning benefits students who want to pursue higher education without moving or giving up existing obligations, such as work. Comparing tourism and hospitality degree programs is easy. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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