The Austrian higher education system has been declared “one of the most open and equal systems in Europe.” Given its many appeals, it’s hardly surprising that so many students from all over the world choose Austria as their international study destinations. If you’re thinking of joining them, a pre-college program can help you acquire the German language foundation you need. Here’s a closer look at four reasons why these prep programs make smart sense for Austria-minded international students.

1. Austria is amazing -- and affordable, too.

A major tourist destination thanks to its rich history, vibrant culture, and prime location near the Alps, Austria also lays claim to one of the highest standards of living in the world.

With so many appeals, you might think living in Austria would be cost prohibitive for students. However, Austria consistently earns a spot on the ranking of least expensive cities for students, and recently made the top five in currency and travel money expert FairFX’s roundup of the  “best-value European countries to head to for high-quality education.”

2. Your German skills will open doors.

While you can begin your studies in Austria with limited German skills, acquiring German language proficiency is a critical part of thriving in both university and the job market. Programs like Technikum Wien Academy’s four-semester Pre College Program extended (“PCP ex”) focus on imbuing students with the language skills they need to take the UAS Technikum Wien admission test or pursue an alternate course of study in Austria.

Targeted directly at students with little to no German language skills, the PCP ex comprises intensive level coursework in German, English, mathematics, physics, computer science, electrical engineering and biology. Upon completion of the program, students have maintained the minimum requirements necessary to begin the standard application process for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels, if the admissions requirements for the master’s program are accredited

The advantages of learning German aren’t limited to the increased opportunities you’ll find in Austria. As the EU’s biggest economy and the world’s fourth-largest economy, Germany is home to many international corporations and leads the way with many groundbreaking technologies. Want to position yourself for success on the global stage? German language skills offer an invaluable inside edge.

German skills are also beneficial in academia; it is the second most commonly used scientific language, and is the language of many award-winning scientists, engineers, inventors and innovators. Whether you’re reading their work or interacting directly with them, German language skills will help you get ahead 

Because of its powerhouse status, German tops the list of “the most lucrative languages to study,” as reported by City A.M.

3. ... And Austria is full of open doors.

For many international students, the prime purpose of studying German in Austria is to leverage the many opportunities there. Compared to many other European countries, Austria’s unemployment rate is an impressive 5.9 percent with plenty of growth opportunities projected moving forward, including in electronics and electrical engineering;  operating systems and IT; manufacturing; the wholesale and retail trade; health care; social work; and construction, according to Target Jobs. Meanwhile, the country is also experiencing skilled labor shortages in several areas, including engineering, manual work, and business and technology.

4. You’ll gain more than language proficiency.

While language proficiency is vital to surviving and thriving in a foreign country, true acclimation involves more than that. One of the PCP ex’s key differentiators? In addition to offering students intensive language and specialist education, it also provides support throughout the “acclimatization phase” as students learn to study and live in an unfamiliar environment. While this serves an important purpose of helping students understand the local culture, it also has ancillary benefits: In participating in leisure activities together through the PCP ex, students not only have a more immersive experience in Vienna, they also have a more enjoyable one. 

The overall takeaway? While there are many ways and places to learn German, the  Technikum Wien Academy’s PCP ex program transcends the basics to offer students a clear path to success and the achievement of their academic and professional goals.

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Photo Credit: (c) 2013 Wolf-Dieter Grabner