6 Must-Have Skills for the Global Student
October 19, 2016

Sure, being tech-savvy is important… but what other skills should you develop as a student?  What skills do your future employers want you to have?   Find out the top six must-have skills for all students. 

Five Signs That You’re Studying Too Much
October 6, 2016
Many students quickly fall down the rabbit hole of studying too much and end up struggling as the semester wears on. Let’s take a closer look at some tips aimed at helping you recognize if you’re at risk of losing your head come exam time.

Surf's Up! 10 Off-the-Hook Surf and Study Locations Around the World
September 21, 2016
Think you can’t ride the waves and earn a degree?  Think again.  We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most unique surf and study locations around the world.  Let’s take a closer look.

6 Ways for International Students to Make Friends with Locals
September 7, 2016
There’s no better way to truly immerse yourself in a new culture than to spend time in the company of locals. Unfortunately, many international students fall into the trap of socializing entirely with other international students. And while these relationships have upsides of their own, there&...

How to Choose a Language to Study
August 24, 2016
There are many reasons to learn a foreign language. But the process isn't easy and without the right motivation and discipline, many language students never get past the basic niceties. If you're serious about acquiring a second language, one of the best things you can do is pick the right one. So h...

Top Six Freshmen Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
July 27, 2016
Ah, freshmen. They don’t exactly have the best rap when it comes to judgment and decision-making. However, just because you’re new to the college scene doesn’t mean you have to make the same mistakes as your predecessors. In fact, by understanding the obstacles ahead, you can trans...

Five Children's Books for College Students
July 12, 2016
Today is World Literacy Day, a day, celebrated annually, to highlight the importance of literacy around the world and to advance towards more literate and sustainable societies. Or, more simply, to celebrate all of our favorite books! Let's take a look at some 'children's' books that can help you wr...

How to Beat Shyness in College
July 7, 2016
Half of all Americans consider themselves to be shy. And while not everyone needs to be the life of the party, when it comes to academic studies and class participation, shyness can be a serious hurdle. Here are six ways to improve your self-confidence and overcome shyness so that you can excel in y...

What Are Pathway and Foundation Programs?
June 15, 2016
Are you thinking of enrolling in a degree program abroad? Are you unsure whether your school credentials will be accepted at a foreign institution? Do you want to improve your language proficiency before beginning your undergraduate studies? These are just a few of the reasons to consider a foundati...

Five Fields to Study in Summer School
June 9, 2016
Universities don’t stop just because summer starts. In fact, college campuses are not only alive and well during summer vacation, but millions of students choose to seek out exciting learning opportunities during this time. Thinking of enrolling in summer school but not sure where to focus you...


January 15, 2019

After visiting a university laboratory in Bristol, Universities and Science Minister Chris Skidmore expressed high hopes for work being done there wit...

January 14, 2019

It's a tired old trope that teens oversleep, hit the snooze button ten times, and miss their first class. But, in fact, research suggests school start...