How to Become a Professional Musician
February 22, 2017

You love music.  You always have and you always will.  You love it so much, you major in it, practice it as often as possible and aspire to make it your life’s work.  You want to be a professional musician.  It takes passion, dedication, commitment, grit—and the sheer desire to share music with the world.  With a wave of our conductor’s baton, let’s take a closer look.

6 Tips to Prime Your Resume for Politics
February 8, 2017
Want to work in politics?  Write a strong resume.  Showcase your political experiences and reveal that you are a trustworthy, respectable, intelligent human being who wants to help serve the best interests of politics.  Let’s take a closer look. 

6 Must-Haves for the Ultimate College Dorm First Aid Kit
January 25, 2017
Many first-time college students revel at the thought of the freedom they’ll experience while away at university. However, there’s an oft-overlooked downside to that independence: Living on your own doesn’t just mean reveling in the highs, but also coping with the lows. In this cas...

How to Fight Identity Theft on Campus and Off
January 11, 2017
Among those most vulnerable to identity theft?  You.  That’s right—university students are among the most susceptible populations to identity theft.  Why? Youth and invincibility.  As young and invincible as you may be or feel, you’re never immune to identity th...

What Does Bilingual Education Mean for California?
December 29, 2016
While the presidential race garnered the majority of attention in last month’s US elections, there were plenty of other noteworthy results. In the educational sphere, California made history by lifting an 18-year-long restriction on bilingual education, with Proposition 58 passing by a signifi...

6 Fun Apps For Language Learners
December 14, 2016
¡Hola! Heia! Salut! Привет! Hallo! Olá! Hej! Ciao! Bog! 你好 Merhaba! こんにちはThe list of ways to say “Hello” around the world could stretch for miles. Think of language as global currency. Want to learn a new language? Or just curious about how to do it? We&r...

Why Post-Baccalaureate Studies May Be Exactly What You’re Missing
December 12, 2016
So you’ve wrapped up your Bachelor’s degree and you’re looking for something more. At the same time, you’re not quite ready to jump right into graduate school or venture out into the real world. While this may be a common quandary for many students, there is one solution you ...

International Student Services: What You Need to Evaluate and Why
November 30, 2016
Studying abroad?  Think about the services you may want and need—and the type of International Student Services available at prospective schools.  We’ve been together a list of four must-consider criteria for International Student Services when selecting a school.  See for...

Do You Know Your Learning Style?
November 16, 2016
Success in school relies on many things. One aspect many new college students may underestimate when first starting out? Their individual learning styles. The truth is that all learning styles are not created equal: We each learn, absorb and master information differently. The more you know about ho...

Top Five Little Known Careers for College Students
November 2, 2016
Think fast! Name the first five careers that come to the top of your head. If you’re like most people, titles like doctor, lawyer, teacher and businessperson may first come to mind. However, there are near-endless other options out there when it comes to finding a job that’s right for yo...


January 15, 2019

After visiting a university laboratory in Bristol, Universities and Science Minister Chris Skidmore expressed high hopes for work being done there wit...

January 14, 2019

It's a tired old trope that teens oversleep, hit the snooze button ten times, and miss their first class. But, in fact, research suggests school start...