Why You Could Skip the College Tour
May 17, 2017

Once thought to be the cornerstone of the college selection process, college tours aren’t always the best choice. While they may be a good idea for some, there are multiple other ways to determine whether a campus is right for you.  Let’s take a look at four reasons why you could skip the college tour.

5 Online Tools to Enhance Your Learning
May 4, 2017
You need these 5 online learning tools to enhance your studying and your overall learning.  What are they?  Let’s take a closer look.

Need Money For College? Ask A Music Star.
April 28, 2017
Want to go to college?  Ask Beyoncé.  Or her husband, Jay Z.  How about Rihanna?  Or Yoko Ono, wife of the late John Lennon?  Maybe Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, or will be able to help you.   For musical superstars, it’s not just about hitting...

Why Twenty-First-Century Students Should Study History
April 19, 2017
Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We are not makers of history.  We are made by history.”  From defining your identity to shaping the world, let’s take a closer look at why studying history is crucial to humanity.

Four Ways Your Parents Can Help You Prepare for Your College Interviews
April 5, 2017
For some college applicants one part of the process is particularly stressful. The interview. From fears about being hit with a question you can’t answer to concerns about crossing the line between confident and cocky, interviews can be tricky territory, making preparing for them a daunting ta...

Why Southern California is the Place to Study Abroad in the Summer
April 5, 2017
When students’ thoughts turn to summer, words like sun, fun and travel usually come to mind. One word that doesn’t usually make the list? Studying. However, the reality is that studying abroad in the summer has many advantages for international students, including everything from honing ...

Why You Should Study In Norway
April 4, 2017
There are too many reasons to list why you should study in Norway.  Where should we start?  Is it because it’s one of the happiest places on the planet?  Or that you can take all of your courses in English?  Or the Northern lights?  Polar bears?  Perhaps the fact ...

How Women Can Rise In Academia
March 8, 2017
In honor of International Women’s Day, we celebrate women in academia—and acknowledge the long road women still must travel to rise to the top.  There are wages to be equalized, jobs to be had, obstacles to overcome, and glass ceilings to shatter.  Let’s take a closer loo...

How to Become a Professional Musician
February 22, 2017
You love music.  You always have and you always will.  You love it so much, you major in it, practice it as often as possible and aspire to make it your life’s work.  You want to be a professional musician.  It takes passion, dedication, commitment, grit—and the sheer...

6 Tips to Prime Your Resume for Politics
February 8, 2017
Want to work in politics?  Write a strong resume.  Showcase your political experiences and reveal that you are a trustworthy, respectable, intelligent human being who wants to help serve the best interests of politics.  Let’s take a closer look. 


May 29, 2017

A growing number of international students will matriculate at Canadian universities in the upcoming academic year, according to the Canadian Immigrat...

May 26, 2017

Kenya’s Minister of Education recently announced a new set of guidelines to help improve the quality of higher education in Kenya.  Let&rsq...

May 22, 2017

Changes made earlier this spring to Hungary’s National Higher Education Act were viewed as “a deliberate attack on freedom of expression a...