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Wine Consultant Diploma / Conseiller en Sommellerie

The Sommellerie Advisor selects the products to be offered to its customers: wines and spirits. Before deciding on a negotiation with the suppliers, he must first proceed with the tasting. The supply must be consistent with the scope, scope, reputation and requirements of the clients. He establishes the list of wines, after having made their assessment and draw up their year of emission. It must manage all the alcohols available on the market. He also advises the customer on the wine that accompanies the dishes. He is able to serve or explain the wine service to customers.

And from a technical point of view, it must identify the principles of varietals and production of wines, know the great wines and producers of famous wines as well as the different types of wines and their respective characteristics.

In general, we find "Sommellerie Consultants" in the catering, trading, production, tourism, commercial structures or distribution staff whose functions are to select the wines, negotiate the conditions financial services, presenting them and advising them directly or indirectly to customers and consumers.

The wine consultant is an expert in wines, spirits, liqueurs, champagnes. His knowledge allows him to advise clients according to their tastes, their desires and their means. He is also responsible for inventory management in the company. He advises companies in the wines that will appear on the menu of the restaurant or in a place of sale.

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  • Tasting techniques and sensory analysis
  • In-depth study of French vineyards
  • In-depth study of foreign vineyards
  • Knowledge of spirits, cold and hot beverages
  • Wine and food pairing and practical workshops in collaboration with chefs
  • Sales and commercialization techniques
  • Fundamentals in Viticulture and Oenology
  • Wine industry and legislation
  • Wine markets and marketing
  • Commercial management and creation of a cellar / cellar management
  • Practical sommelier workshops


  • Technical visits
  • Following the vintage – in the vineyard and at the vat house
  • Participation in blending and futures
  • Student prizes


  • Conferences of the Interprofessional Committees (Wine Trade Bureaus) from the various wine regions
  • Former students
  • Owners, winegrowers, sommeliers, merchant houses, etc …

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If we accept you as a candidate, the attestation (proof) of enrollment that we provide will allow you stay in France as a student up until the final jury exams and this includes the 6 week internship if you decide to do it in France.

If you are not a citizen of the European Union country, you must go to the French Embassy or Consul in your country and present your CAFA enrollment attestation to procure your visa. We have students from all over the world who come to the CAFA Wine school, getting a visa is not a problem.

Last updated Mar 2020

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The International School in Wines and Spirits created by CAFA since 1986 is based in Bordeaux, in the heart of the historical district of Chartrons. &

The International School in Wines and Spirits created by CAFA since 1986 is based in Bordeaux, in the heart of the historical district of Chartrons. & Read less