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Looking for a Gap Year program? Want to spend 6 or 12 months traveling the world? Up with People has been offering one of the most unique Gap Year experiences for young people from around the world for more than five decades. The diversity of experiences available with Up with People is perfect for the person who wants to maximize their Gap Year opportunity!

A Gap Year is often defined as a period of time when students take a break from formal education to do something that provides personal growth through travel, community service and/or internships.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my Gap Year spent with Up with People between high school and college. I’m so thankful that my entire year at age 18 was spent traveling the world.” - UWP Alumna Juli from Minnesota, USA

For many, a Gap Year is taken between high school/secondary school and university. Others choose to take their Gap Year during university or even after completing their degree and before beginning a career. Up with People students are ages 17 – 29 so we can offer you this opportunity anytime it suits your personal and educational plans!

In countries outside the U.S., students have been pursuing Gap Year opportunities for decades. In recent years, however, Gap Year participation has been fast-growing among U.S. students as more and more people begin to recognize the value of providing young people with diverse, personal and educational opportunities to enhance their formal education.

Florida Southern College

UWP has announced an academic partnership with Florida Southern College (FSC), which began in July 2012. Academic courses are offered to complement our existing curriculum of experiential learning and educational workshops, making it possible for most UWP participants to earn university credit.

A minimum of 12 academic credits are+ offered each semester and students must opt-in and enroll in the academic program, in addition to being accepted to travel abroad with UWP. This academic program is optional and not required for all students.

All coursework is instructed and assessed by FSC faculty, supported by UWP staff, and delivered through a blended model of classroom instruction and online learning. Transcripts are issued by FSC and are transferable to any accredited university, on approval by the receiving institution.

July Courses

Below you will find course titles and course descriptions. Complete course outlines will be available three (3) months prior to the program start date.

Interpersonal Communication (SPC 2250)
Four credit hours. No prerequisites. A study of the dynamics of human communication in various settings. Course focus is on verbal and nonverbal messages, listening, conflict, and relationships. Group and partner discussions, oral presentations, and performances are important elements of class.

Special Topics in Communication: Conflict Management (SPC 3900/ COM 3900) Four credit hours. No prerequisites. This course discusses various ways that conflict occurs in society. The course addresses what conflict is, what different contexts and environments conflict occurs in, what scholars say about conflict, and different ways of managing conflict. Students gain an increased awareness of competency in communication.

Principles of Management (BUS 2217)
Four credit hours. No prerequisites. This course distinguishes modern business management from leadership and examines the concepts, principles, and functions of management applicable to all types of organi-zations. Management concepts will be applied to case studies and experiential activities to help the students refine their own individual managerial styles.

January Courses

Below you will find course titles and course descriptions. Complete course outlines will be available three (3) months prior to the program start date.

Small Group Communication (SPC 2260)
Four credit hours. No prerequisites. The study of small group communication theory and practice in various situations. Course focus is on how small groups are used to solve problems, reach decisions, and make recommendations. Groups will work with Up with People cast and community groups to identify solutions and make recommendations to solve presented issues.

Intercultural Communication (SOC 2270 / SPC 2270)
Four credit hours. No prerequisites. This course explores the unique relationship between communication and culture. Students examine their own cultural view as they are exposed to a variety of cultural dynamics and mores in this increasingly global society. This course balances concepts and theories of intercultural communication with practical application. The goal of this course is to enhance the student’s effectiveness as a communicator.

Contemporary Leadership Models (BUS 3998)
Four credit hours. No prerequisites. This course examines the core concepts of leadership and looks closely at traditional vs. contemporary leadership styles. Various leadership models will be covered and case studies used to demonstrate practical application of these models today. Students will be provided opportunities for personal development through exercises and hands-on learning with the goal of understanding and refining their own individual leadership styles.

Eligibility for Study Abroad and Gap Year Credit Option

Any US or international college/university student is eligible to enroll. US and international Gap Year participants who have completed high school/tertiary studies, but who are not yet enrolled in a college or university, are also eligible to enroll. Post-graduate participants are also welcome.

Students who wish to go abroad with UWP as their study abroad semester are encouraged to seek prior approval and follow all necessary guidelines through the international programs (study abroad) office at their home univesity.

Program Cost

The UWP Global Education Program is an affordable, comprehensive, and unique way to explore the world. Programs run for 22 weeks and begin in January and July of each year.

Up with People offers an affordable, comprehensive, unique way to explore the world. Our program begins twice each year, in January and July, and participants have the option of traveling for one or two semesters.

The program fee is currently $17,450 USD for the first semester with the option for a second semester at a discounted fee of $9,900 USD.

The program fee includes the following:
• All housing for the entire 20-week program
• All meals for the entire 20-week program
• All travel, including international airfare, during the entire 20-week program

Not included in the program fee:
• Transportation to Denver, Colorado, USA to begin the program and transportation home at the end (the program usually – but not always – ends in Europe)
• Health insurance during the program
• Personal expenses such as souvenirs and toiletries

Small increases in the program fee can be expected annually.

The optional academic (study abroad) program delivered in collaboration with our academic partner, Florida Southern College, is an additional $950 per semester.

Last updated Jan 2018

About the School

Up with People is a global education organization which aims to bring the world together through service and music. The unique combination of international travel, service learning, leadership develop ... Read More

Up with People is a global education organization which aims to bring the world together through service and music. The unique combination of international travel, service learning, leadership development and performing arts offers students an unparalleled experience and a pathway to make a difference in the world, one community at a time. Read less
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