University Specialist in Circular Economy Management


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Program Description

The University Specialist in Circular Economy Management consists of 30 ECTS credits. The duration of the training is seven months (from January to July 2020).

It is a mixed postgraduate course , with part of the classroom training (8 ECTS) and part of the distance training (22 ECTS) . The program will be held in person both in Spain (Madrid, Murcia, Malaga and Seville) and in the United States (stay in Washington DC).

Our specialist provides 3 great values:

  • Certificate certified and endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia and Malaga.
  • Participation in a special academic program in Washington DC

The program consists of 21 modules and a Project or Final Work (TF) .

The contents, teaching materials and teaching staff will be the same with the sole exception that no face-to-face sessions are offered, nor the stay in Washington (Georgetown University).128615_rsz_austin-distel-7uommzpd2ja-unsplash.jpg

Postgraduate Data Circular Economy

  • Dates: October 2020
  • Duration: 7 months
  • Modality: Two types: Semipresencial; On-line
  • Schedule: Classes: Friday from 15.30 to 20.30
  • Place: Face-to-face phase: Madrid, Murcia, Malaga, Seville, Washington and Buenos Aires
  • Degree: Own Title of University Specialist in Management of the Circular Economy
  • Price: University Specialist: € 3,900 *

10% for early payment

For employees, there is the possibility of a bonus from their Social Security fees. For more details consult with us or your HR department.

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Why choose us?

HAC Leadership Circular Economy Management

The program includes not only an academic stay in the United States but also a visit to the facilities of companies that manage the circular economy.

The design of the program has been designed for graduates or professionals who, although not having a scientific, technical or environmental basis, wish to expand their knowledge in the field of circular economy management.

Internationally recognized teachers.

Why choose us?

  • Degree of University SPECIALIST
  • Georgetown Seminar Participation
  • New York residential program: The participant will make a one-week residential stay at HAC Business School (New York).
  • Networking: Through cycles of meetings with executives of other companies, such as Business Networking or Coffee cycles
  • Executive Partners: Program participants will enjoy a professional advice and selection service developed by HAC Business School and its mentors.
  • Direction and Leadership: Develop the necessary managerial skills to lead all the areas that form an organization.


  • Jesús M. Linares, Postgraduate Director, ICLF Vice President of Sustainability, Author of numerous scientific articles and Planet Titanic (in print)
  • Francisco Comino, Teacher, Logistics and Purchasing Director at GRUPO BELL
  • Ray Cazorla, Teacher, Founder - CEO HAC President ICLF
  • Serafín Carballo, Teacher, PRYSMA Consulting Director
  • Beatriz Herrera, Teacher, Communication and Institutional Relations Mahou / San Miguel
  • Mª Elena Cid Gil, Teacher, Business Development Bureau Veritas
  • Olga Martínez, Professor, Corporate Affairs Director (MARS)
  • David Esteller, Teacher, Responsible for the AECOC project
  • Mauricio Dominguez-Adame Lanuza, Professor, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Heineken Spain
  • Victoria Castillo, Teacher, CSR
  • Luis Barreda, Teacher, Senior Corporate Communication and CSR (DIA GROUP)
  • Alicia Carrasco, Teacher in the face-to-face phase PDD, CEO, OLIVO ENERGY
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About the School

HAC Leadership & Management es una firma internacional de asuntos públicos, relaciones internacionales y formación ejecutiva. Nuestros clientes son del ámbito empresarial, político e institucional ... Read More

HAC Leadership & Management es una firma internacional de asuntos públicos, relaciones internacionales y formación ejecutiva. Nuestros clientes son del ámbito empresarial, político e institucional provenientes de Estados Unidos de América, Europa y América Latina. Fundada en el 2015 en Estados Unidos, Nuestra firma tiene sede principal en la ciudad de Nueva York y oficinas en Madrid, Buenos Aires y Washington D.C donde ofrecemos servicios de consultoría estratégica, eventos corporativos, formación ejecutiva y relaciones políticas con la administración. Read less
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